Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Event Hostess with the Mostess (to the stars)

One of my (manyUlter Egos is an Event Planner (in my head- for the "stars").
My beautiful daughter, Ashlyn, turned 9 last week! She has always LOVED animals, and has been either a zoo keeper or veternarian for EVERY halloween. We usually have a pool party, because of her summer birthday, but this year she wanted to try something different.
I spoke with the owners of our local Petland and they were willing to open an hour early on a Saturday morning for a private party.
Then I talked the Paws Vet Clinic, next door, into doing a private tour and Q&A for the kids, following Petland.
After the Vet, we headed, once again next door, to Qdoba for cake and queso (I purchased small drinks and queso/chips for the kids and they let me bring in my own cake).
The kiddos began with hamster races!!! How creative/fun is that?!?!
They then went on to hold/play with various other animals throughout the pet store. This would be Ashlyn holding a snake. One of her favorite animals.
We always have a "friend party" earlier in the day, and a "family bbq" later in the evening (for those adults who would rather not hang with the kiddos). I made these invites on my computer. 
We kept the animal print/pink theme with the cake. I took a pic of Ashlyn kissing Sophie (her guinea pig) and dropped it off at SAMS. $20 for a 1/2 sheet cake with a pic, and my choice of icing colors.
For goody bags I let each kid pick out their own beta fish!!!! Each fish came with a small glass bowl, hot pink rocks, care instructions, a Petland coupon, and fish food. This was a BIG HIT!!!! 
I printed off the cards attached to each fish bowl that said "Thank You" and Ashley at Petland put together the fish bowls and bags.
Ashlyn and her guests had a FABULOUS time at her birthday party!!!
Rob (my husband) keeps telling me I should open my own party planning business. Your thoughts???

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