Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Breakfast At Tiffanys

I love  a great "Aubrey Hepburn" eye! She is an absolute beauty icon.
I've tried (to recreate) different gel liners in the past (i.e. MAC, Clinique, Elf, etc), but recently I discovered Loreal's 24 hr Lacquer Liner (WITH brush!!!!), and it is fabulous!!!!!!!
It really does have a 24 hr stay power. I prefer a thiner liner brush, BUT the brush that it DOES come with works beautifully, and is easy to handle.
The Loreal Lacquer Liner comes in multiple colors,but I use it in black.
My favorite (beauty) site on You Tube is "pixiwoo." Professional makeup artist(s) who can help you recreate any celebrity "look." This link will teach you how to do a phenomenal Aubrey eye!

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