Sunday, May 26, 2013

Decoupage Desk

Ashlyn has a desk from Target (made from synthetic wood/finish), and on MULTIPLE occasions (even though after the first occurrence I established a NO WATER rule in her playroom) she HAS played with water ON her (synthetic wood/finish) desk. Of course every time she has played with water on her desk, sloshing it everywhere (Barbie swimming pool, fish bowl, Monster High Doll Hydro thingy-ma-bobby, etc.), the finish bubbles up. In the past I've tried sanding it down and repainting it, but the paint just flakes off, making a huge mess that I'm always vacuuming up.
So, the other day I happened to be in Hobby Lobby and saw that scrapbooking paper was 1/2 off. I picked a page I thought would match and bought 20 sheets (approximately $4). I already had a version of mod podge and a foam brush at home.
I first coated the desk in modpodge glue and adhered the scrapbook paper. The desk was obviously a different size than the paper so I did use my paper cutter to cut some of the pages to fit the desk.

After applying scrapbook paper, I coated the whole top with the mod podge sealing in the paper.
After the mod podge dried I then coated the top with a clear varnish and paint brush (I had some in my basement that I used).

I didn't need all 20 pages, but I did end up using 2 layers of paper. The first layer soaked up the varnish and left "stain like" marks, so I was glad I had plenty of extra.
Its not my best work, but Ashlyn is thrilled with the results and to me that's all that matters!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Living In My Heels: My (half assed) Artsy Craftsy Project

Living In My Heels: My (half assed) Artsy Craftsy Project: A few months ago I "Pinned" a fabulous post on Pinterest on repurposing your old card table. If I remember correctly the directio...

My (half assed) Artsy Craftsy Project

A few months ago I "Pinned" a fabulous post on Pinterest on repurposing your old card table. If I remember correctly the directions were prime, paint, and upholster. Easy Peasy!!! I can SOOOOOO do that (which is what we all think, right?)!!!
***I'm too lazy too even look up the "Pin" on my Pinterest account at this point.***
 I had this GREAT idea ("stolen" from someone else off of Pinterest), that would be GREAT for Ashlyn's playroom. She has a table in there now, but its getting too small and I was having trouble finding a midsize table (that wasn't from PBK $$$). Of course I have an old gray and black card table from Costco (a throw back to my B's Purses Direct Sales Days), who doesn't,  so why not???
I like to do things very last minute. Like I said, I saw this pin MONTHS ago, but decided yesterday that it HAD TO BE DONE RIGHT NOW!!!
So I went and bought 1 can of white spray paint primer and 2 cans of Krylon Watermelon spray paint from Michaels. I spent HOURS taking screws out of all 4 chairs and the table.
***I SHOULD have taken note of which screws came out of which part.***
I then primed and applied the first coat of paint.
Today I bought 2 more cans of Krylon Watermelon paint at Michaels, and quickly learned that that wasn't going to be enough. Since I had purchased all of Michaels inventory of Watermelon paint, I went to Walmart to buy 3 more cans and discovered that its more than 1/2 off the cost there!!!
After applying a second coat (a third in some spots), I then tried to match up each screw to its correct part...........which did NOT work. SOOOOOOOO I ended up hot glueing the cushions back into place.
If you don't look TOOOOOO closely, then the finished product looks pretty good. Some of the metal, even though primed, didn't take the paint very well and required extra coats.
Over all I'm pretty pleased, and Ashlyn is super excited to have a space she can actually use to play and work in.
***To upholster the cushions I used a curtain I purchased from Target for $19.99, a hot glue gun, and a staple gun.***
Happy Craftying!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

e.l.f. Review

I ran into an acquaintance a few days ago and she told me that she has ran into me in so many different places, I was like a little elf. I like to think that that means I can be seen spreading joy everywhere......
I was watching (one of my many) favorite make up you tube tutorials the other day and she (Tanya Burr) recommended e.l.f. brand's contouring Blush & Bronzer. She described it as a "dupe" to NARS compact with the universal blush "Orgasm" (which we have ALL seen in EVERY magazine) and bronzer "Luguna." So....I HAD to try it!!

(SIDE NOTE: I've seen so many of these brittish make up tutorials that I know speak to myself in my head in a brittish that wierd??)
The NARS compact retails for $41.
 The e.l.f. "dupe" is $3 at Target (could not find online, but in store).
I have VERY senstive, breakout prone skin. This lasted ALL DAY and did NOT breakout my skin. The compact and mirror is great to take with you in your purse and the colors blend beautifully.
Of course while I was shopping the e.l.f. section at Target I had to shop the rest of the products!!
e.l.f lip definer and shaper (use shaper to highlight the top bow of your lips for a youthful glow and the definer to line your lips). $3
I was skeptical about the e.l.f lip lock pencil but it REALLY did keep my lipgloss in place. $3
I love lipglosses because they hide everything that is wrong with my lips (age, chappedness-is that a word?, etc) and this gloss is not only a great universal shade but works AWESOME!!!! e.l.f. Pout Perfector $3
 Everyone needs a little elf in their lives. I hope that I'm yours!