Monday, April 30, 2012


Just finished watching my dvr'd GCB from last night. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show!!! I love Kristin Chenoweth (who plays Carlene), I've really enjoyed Miriam Shor's character (Cricket Caruth-Reilly), and am THRILLED Annie Potts is back on tv (as Gigi)! Here are some of my favorite quotes from this first season....
Carlene: “Cleavage makes your cross hang straight.”
Cricket on having another baby: "I am just not in the position to give up alcohol, sushi, or grabbing stimulus dollars for nine months."

Zach on Sharon's new "Losin' It With Jesus" Diet Meal Plan: "Sharon, you might just be on to something, I don't recall any fat people in The Bible."
Sharon: "I know, right?"

Cricket: "The closest I ever came to abstinence was no salt in my margarita."

Amanda: "How do you apologize for shooting someone?"
Gigi: "That is an etiquette conundrum you will not find in Emily Post. You know, I have Dick Cheney's number someplace."

Gigi on the internet:
Will: "Grandma, I mean Gigi, do you have internet?"
Gigi: "Oh why would I, I don’t watch porn!"
Gigi on Soberity:
Amanda: "I’ve been sober for 18 months."
Gigi: "Why?"

Gigi on Amanda’s decision to raise the children without religion: “Cut the commie crap! My grandchildren are going to church so they can go to heaven. End of story, Amen!”
Amanda: "You’re teaching my son to mix drinks?!?"
Gigi: "Yes. He’ll be employable someday."
Gigi on Big Texas Hair: “Big hair is a sign of confidence and confidence never goes out of style.”
Gigi on Amanda’s daughter’s breast: “Breast who knew… And the best part, her’s are real. That’s going to save you some money missy!”

Gigi on Amanda’s decision to avoid eligible bachelors: “If you don’t put it in the window who’s going to know it’s for sale.”
Gigi on her relationship with God: “God often speaks to me through Christian Dior.”

Gigi and Amanda quarrel:
Amanda: "I’m not a heifer!"
Gigi: "Exactly, you’re not young enough to be a heifer!"

Gigi: "I've been through too much to cry. Husband's death, family trauma, democratic administrations. Don't worry. I'm with ya."
Gigi on California: “I mean why would anybody in their right mind leave Dallas for Southern California. We got the same weather without the liberals.”

If you're not watching this show (ABC Sunday, 9pm) you're missing out!
(I found the above quotes through a google search on these two websites:

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