Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nail Art

Being incredibly cheap and lazy last weekend, I decided to do my own nails (instead of going to get a "fill"). ANDDDDDD (surprise, surprise) all week I have been repeatedly asked about my nails.....
I used Sally Hansen "Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips" from Target, paying less than $10. The name of  this particular set is Love Letter.
They are super easy to apply yourself (including on artificial nails, like I have). You file the nail's surface with the mini file the set comes with, find the correct sticker size for your nail, place adhesive side down on the nail, smooth onto service, and file off the excess at the end of your nail. Easy-Peasy!!  I put them on Saturday, and they are still looking great in this picture I took today.
To remove just use nail polish remover.
I just saw at Ulta the other day that Sally Hansen is now making them for toe nails too!!!!

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