Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Like Oxygen

I am ALWAYS on the look out for a new (and better than the last) foundation! I am ALWAYS testing new products (anti-aging, oil free, powder, liquid, cream, with sunscreen, without sunscreen, tinted moisturizer, mineral, etc.)! You know...looking for that one miracle cream!

 And pretty much I ALWAYS end up going right back to my 'ole faithful... Bare Minerals (which I have been using (for eons) since they were just in a few small boutiques, on qvc, and infomercials).

Recently I've been seeing a lot of ads and articles about Benefit Cosmetics' new foundation, "Hello Flawless." I have been a fan of this company for about 12 years now. Their products are fun, and the packaging witty.

"Hello Flawless!" Oxygen Wow is a liquid brightening foundation. It is an oil-free formula with a SPF 25 PA+++ protection.

<PA+++ has been seen most recently in European cosmetics, meaning it contains the SPF protection grade of the UVA filter (+++) and is the highest standard of the sun protection rating.>

This foundation is said to be a "natural-finish" that can build from light to medium coverage.
*I found this foundation to be a bit heavier, more of a medium. However, I DO prefer a heavier coverage, so that may have been more to do with the appliquer and not the applique.

It is also packaged as featuring light-diffusing properties with hydrating benefits.
*My skin did look more hydrated and "radiant" while wearing. I had to apply very little powder through out the day, which is HUGE because I am ALWAYS shiney (as in oily, not sparkly).

The "Oxygen Wow Hydration Complex" is an exclusive formula (that is said) to help boost cellular respiration for a "plumping up" effect and protects from environmental stresses. It also contains vitamins C and E that are known to prevent signs of aging.
*Only my second day of wearing, but so far I'm pretty happy with the results.

I got a free deluxe sample at my local Ulta. The colors look a lot darker in the bottle then they do on, so I definately suggest getting a sample to try.

This sample is called "I'm So Money, Honey." I actually think I could go a shade darker, but they did not have that color in a sample.

Sorry for the pic.....I find if I smile too many lines show. ;>)


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