Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Little Fashionista

We went to the Newly Remodeled Old Navy at Northpark Mall last night. The new store is very impressive. Lots of bright colors and a really fun atmosphere. Ashlyn and her friend (it was a shopping playdate) had a GREAT time picking out new swimsuits (they wanted coordinating swimwear for the pool this summer), buying bouncey balls out of the quarter machine (which they probably spent $5.00 in quarters on), and looking at all the new cool things ("junk") by the cash registers.
Ashlyn picked out a pair of flip-flops that she loved, and decided she needed to come up with an outfit to match. Hmmmmmmmm......I wonder where she gets that from (buying the fabulous shoes first and THEN trying to find clothing to match).
This is what she came up with...

Capri Leggings in Sunstreak (Reg $9.94 SALE $5), Girls Striped Jersey Blazer (Reg $24.94 SALE $22), Gray Ruffle Tunic with Yellow Bow (Sorry- no longer available online), Girls Gray Bow-Tie Flip Flops ($7.94)
I printed a 10% off purchase coupon on facebook before shopping, so saved even more!
Ashlyn already had the yellow leggings from a previous Old Navy visit, and they work PERFECT with this! She has quite a few things in this color scheme, so she will get great use out of this blazer.
I am so proud of my little fashionista! She did it all on her own (this is me tearing up).

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