Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm Back From Vacay

Some of you may not know this, but I grew up as a "military brat." I have lived a little bit of everywhere.....born in Dayton, Ohio-moved to Wichita Falls, Texas (where my little brother was born)-moved to Athens, Greece-moved to Belleville, Illinois-moved to Croughton, England-moved to Gautier, Mississippi.
Since we lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for the longest amount of time, I call it my "hometown." It is also where I graduated from high school, attended college, and met my husband (following Hurricane George in 1998).
Needless to say, the Gulf Coast holds a special place in my heart.
This year for Spring Break we decided to go visit our good friends, and Ashlyn's godparents in Gulf Shores, Alabama, with a short jaunt to New Orleans.
Ashlyn had never been to New Orleans and we felt it was really important for her to see and experience the culture, history, and architecture of one of our favorite cities. It is also where Robert proposed to me.
Here are some (additional) pictures of our fabulous vacay....
The water was COLD!!!! But Ash didn't care!

Susan and Ashlyn catching waves in Gulf.

Rob and Ashlyn posing on Gulf Shores Beaches.

Ashlyn and I posing on Gulf Shores Beaches.

Boogy Boarding in the Gulf. So proud of her!!!

Breakfast at Cafe Du Monde-Ashlyn decided that beignets are her new favorite food group.

Robert, Ashlyn and I in front of someone's beautiful iron door in the French Quarter.

Larry, Susan and Jenna (Ashlyn's godfamily) in front of someone's beautiful iron door in the French Quarter.

Ashlyn (with her beignet-to-go-bag clutched tightly in her hand) in the French Quarter.

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