Monday, February 3, 2014

Lush Haul/Addiction

Ashlyn and I have found a new favorite shopping spot when we go to KC and its not (just) American Girl.....
We have the BEST daughter/mother time shopping at LUSH!
***Lush is marketed as a "fresh handmade natural cosmetics company with 
handmade bath and body products."***
We went a little overboard last weekend while in KC buying....
3 Ickle Baby Bot bath bombs, made with lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood.  Ashlyn loves taking baths with this relaxing treat in the evening.
5 Butterball bath bombs. A vanilla scented moisturizing bath soak made with creamy cocoa butter, great for the winter months.
1 Yuzu & Coco Bubbleroon. Smells like orange chocolate while creating mounds of bubbles for your bath.
1 Floating Island. A floating bath melt that smells like a tropical Island. My favorite scent of all!!!
Ashlyn and I are all about our bath/relaxation time and these make us feel super luxurious

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