Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Long Time, No See"

I've apparently taken the summer off of blogging....We have had several BIG summer trips, along with Ashlyn's summer camp(s)/activities.....
But.....(que Arnold's voice) "I'm BACK!!!"
 Laundry done, house cleaned, Rob back to work, no more summer trips, (still have to chauffeur Ash around tho- but LOVE being a "soccer mom"), and excited to say I got July's (CAN YOU BELIEVE ITS ALREADY JULY) Birchbox ($10/mo sample subscription)!!!

Ada Cosmetics Bronzer- Shimmery Mineral Powder. I love anything shimmering and its a great color. I typically use a bronzer as a blush, so works great for me.
Blinc Mascara- I'll admit to being a mascara snob.....I LOVE the look of long, full, flake-free lashes, so I have my favorites (in my blog tomorrow I'll be detailing my summer makeup along with my (current) fav mascara).
Harvey Prince "Hello" Perfume- LOVE!!!! Perfect blend of lemon, white grapefruit, and pink plumeria. Ashlyn actually has "stolen" this from me.
Klorene- Shampoo sample for blondes. I gave this to Ashlyn because she is a (natural) platinum blonde, who's hair turns very green with chorine. She gives it 2 thumbs up.
Larabar- A healthy snack bar packed with dried nuts and fruits. Quite yummy!!
Earbuds- Neon earbuds!!! I've put these in my makeup bag because Ashlyn is always needing earbuds (restuarants, car, etc to use on my iphone or ipad).

TOMORROW I will be posting my favorite summer makeup!!

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